T&M's interdisciplinary curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to approach problems from a new perspective.


Students apply their classroom knowledge to develop solutions to real–world corporate projects for the final integrated project, capstone class.

Capstone Project

Global Immersion

T&M students learn about the global nature of business through a simulated, two-week business trip to China.

Int'l Experience

Academic Minor

The T&M minor is comprised of a 22 hour curriculum that must be completed in addition to the requirements for a Business or Engineering degree.

Curriculum Guide


T&M students represent the best and brightest from the colleges of Engineering and Business. This peer network provides a solid foundation for students to build their professional network.

Corporate Partners

Students in the T&M program have unprecedented exposure to senior executives through the program's corporate partnerships.


Students are admitted to the T&M program through a competitive application process focused on academics, proven leadership, and alignment with career goals.

Prospective Students

Professional Development

The T&M curriculum is supplemented by a series of extracurricular workshops to better prepare students to enter the workforce and make an immediate impact.

Better Because of Illinois
  • “T&M has helped me tremendously with my career in both the space industry and federal service. My job requires frequent communication with NASA’s engineers and scientists to ensure timely procurements and compliance with federal financial reporting. T&M fostered the skills necessary for developing interdisciplinary relationship with my technical counterparts. Plus, it always helps to have background knowledge of wireless power transfer, orbital mechanics, and chemistry necessary develop materials for the next generation of space suits. Through T&M I was able to learn the basics of these topics through the coursework and the friendships I developed with my classmates studying engineering.” — Jennifer Ellison, Class XVI

The Hoeft Technology & Management Program

Students. Faculty. Corporate Partners.

The Technology & Management Program at the University of Illinois bridges the gap between traditional engineering and business education by offering a unique curriculum to a select group of highly qualified undergraduates drawn from the Colleges of Engineering and Business.

Working closely with its corporate partners, the T&M Program grooms the best and the brightest to be tomorrow's leaders in technology and business.

Teamwork. Leadership. Excellence. Relevance. The Technology & Management Program at the University of Illinois.