Better Because of Illinois
  • “Before taking part in the T&M classes I didn't know what I didn't know. I had no idea that engineering and business decisions had anything to do with each other. The more people that I speak to in the Engineering Industry though the more I find that the business perspectives play a large role in every design decision. I definitely feel more prepared for life after university.” — Craig McGrath, Class XIV

Prospective Students

Students apply to the T&M Program early in the Spring semester of their sophomore year.

Selection to the program is highly competitive. Successful applicants are characterized by the following attributes:

    • they have the ability to successfully take on the added course work
    • they are knowledgeable about the T&M Program and its demands
    • they demonstrate a high level of commitment to the Program
    • they can work effectively with other students
    • they have excellent interpersonal skills

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