Better Because of Illinois
  • “The T&M class trip to China was the most memorable and perhaps the most beneficial activity. The T&M trip to China was an intense and diverse learning experience where I had to learn to adapt to my surroundings culturally, professionally, and academically. Being flexible and having the ability to adapt to rapid change are critical skills in my job, and this was especially true during the financial crisis.” — Harrison Hsueh, Class XII

Prospective Students

Students apply to the T&M Program early in the Spring semester of their sophomore year.

Selection to the program is highly competitive. Successful applicants are characterized by the following attributes:

    • they have the ability to successfully take on the added course work
    • they are knowledgeable about the T&M Program and its demands
    • they demonstrate a high level of commitment to the Program
    • they can work effectively with other students
    • they have excellent interpersonal skills

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